Quick Answer: How Much Is A Balloon Bouquet?

How much do balloon arrangements cost?

Prices for standard garland for a standard air-filled balloon arch or a regular balloon column can vary between $10 to $20 per linear foot, depending on what part of the country you are in.

How many balloons are in a balloon bouquet?

Keep in mind that a bouquet is 3 to 7 balloons (for tables) and 5 to 12 (for floors). An odd and even number of balloons creates a “stacked” or “cascaded” form which is pleasing to the eye.

How much do a dozen balloons cost?

For example, Party City[1], a nationwide party supply chain, sells filled latex balloons for 89 cents each or $9 per dozen. Mylar balloons cost $1 to $4 and oversized Mylar balloons, like the Mickey Mouse car balloon[2], cost $7 to $13.

How much does balloon garland cost?

A traditional garland made with latex balloons carries a base cost of $10- $12 per foot, while organic garlands are more expensive. A basic organic garland costs $22 per foot and an intricately designed, advanced organic balloon garland costs $60 per foot.

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How long do balloons filled with air last?

Latex and foil balloons can be inflated with air; however, they will not float. If you’re inflating balloons yourself, good news is you can save your lungpower by using a handheld balloon pump or an electric balloon bump. In general, most air-filled balloons will last for 6-8 weeks.

How many helium balloons will lift me?

A helium balloon can typically lift 14 grams, assuming you don’t count the weight of the balloon or the string. Convert your weight into grams and then divide by 14 to determine how many balloons you would need. For example, if you weigh 60 kg, you’ll need around 4,286 helium balloons to lift you.

How many balloons look good together?

We recommend three latex or two foil balloons per decoration. For latex three works very well – more than three is usually too much, whereas less than three can make the decoration look a bit flat.

How do you make a balloon bouquet without helium?

Simply hang balloons without helium (just plain old air) on a string, and then use some hooks to hang them up high. You can make it even easier by using strong thread and a needle to string your balloons. Want to take it a step farther? Make a water balloon garland!

Can I bring my own balloons to Dollar Tree?

To inflate the balloons you have purchased online from Dollar Tree, bring them to your local Dollar Tree to be filled at no additional cost. To ensure filling your balloons goes smoothly, make sure you call your local store ahead of time to ensure they have the helium necessary.

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Can I bring balloons to Party City?

Yes! Our stores have helium and we’re ready to inflate balloons for your next celebration. You can purchase uninflated Party City balloons online, then bring them to our store to have them inflated for free. (Just make sure your item says price includes helium and bring your receipt!)

What type of balloons last the longest?

Bubble balloons and foil balloons (also know as Mylar balloons) can last days, weeks or even months! They have a much longer lifespan than latex balloons because latex balloons are porous and helium slowly escapes out of them. An 28cm (11 inch) balloon will generally last 10-12 hours when kept in optimum conditions.

How long will a balloon garland last?

If you’re making a garland with room air, a balloon garland will last at least a week. So feel free to make it a few days before your party so you can focus on other things day-of.

What size balloons do I need for a balloon garland?

Balloons in various sizes and colors: I usually go with a variety but most of them are 11”. Bargainballoons.com has a great selection.. Honestly the best part about these balloon garlands is that you can’t screw them up! I recommend ordering 9”, 11”, 16” and a few 36” big round balloons.

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