Question: How To Make A Brooch Bouquet With Flowers?

How many brooches do I need for a bouquet?

To make a brooch bouquet, you will need: 30 to 60 brooches (or jewelry pieces- clip-on earrings, pendants, strands of pearls), silk flowers of your choice (hydrangeas work best), floral wire (22 gauge or larger), floral tape, wire cutters, scissors, hot-glue gun, finishing ribbon (satin, burlap, linen, silk), gold /

What is a bouquet holder?

noun A contrivance for holding together the stems of cut flowers, whether held in the hand or secured to the dress.

How do you make a silk flower brooch pin?

The basic instructions:

  1. Get a silk flower of some kind.
  2. Remove it from the stem.
  3. Glue a pin to the back, either in the center or just above the center of the back.
  4. Cover the spine of the pin backing by gluing something pretty, like a fake leaf or a piece of felt or velvet.
  5. Pin to coat or give as gift.
  6. Feel good.

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