Often asked: Where Was Mrs Bouquet Filmed?

What town does Hyacinth Bucket live in?

Exterior shots around Hyacinth’s house were recorded at a privately owned and occupied domicile at 117 Heather Road in the village of Binley Woods, Warwickshire, east of Coventry. Exterior shots around Daisy’s and Onslow’s council terrace were taken in the Stoke Aldermoor district of Coventry.

Where does Keeping Up Appearances take place?

It was shown on BBC One from 1990-1995 and is set in the West Midlands. It stars Patricia Routledge as middle-aged, middle-class, English housewife Hyacinth Bucket, who has narcissistic and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders and lives in a suburban house with her civil servant husband Richard.

Is Sheridan ever seen on Keeping Up Appearances?

Sheridan Bucket is a fictional character in Keeping Up Appearances. He is the only child of Hyacinth and Richard Bucket. The character of Sheridan is never seen or heard during the series. He is known to audiences primarily through Hyacinth’s phone conversations with him though his voice is never heard.

What killed Clive Swift?

Millar gained acclaim for her part in Keeping Up Appearances as Rose, replacing Shirley Stelfox for Series 2 in 1991 as Stelfox had prior commitments to Making Out. In February 1998, Millar left the show because of deteriorating health.

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Where is Daisy’s house in Keeping Up Appearances?

Daisy and Onslow’s house was filmed in Mitchell Close, Stoke Aldermoor.

What does the phrase keep up appearances mean?

: to hide something bad by pretending that nothing is wrong Although we were getting a divorce, my parents thought it was important to keep up appearances.

Who is Clive Swift son?

He was the father of one daughter, Rebecca (who died in April 2017), known for running The Literary Consultancy in London, and two sons, Adam Swift, an academic, and Joe Swift, a garden designer, journalist and television presenter.

Are any cast members of Keeping Up Appearances still alive?

Keeping Up Appearances is an oldie but a goodie, currently streaming on Netflix. Sadly, two members of the Keeping Up Appearances primary cast have passed away, Mary Millar (Rose) in 1998 and Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow) in 2012.

What was Mrs bouquets husband called?

Clive Swift played Richard Bucket, the long-suffering husband of Hyacinth Bucket, in the classic 1990s comedy.

What does the FH on Onslow’s hat mean?

The FH on Onslow’s hat stands for Fulton Hogan Ltd., a New Zealand asphalt and road-building company. When Geoffrey Hughes was there promoting a show, he was given that hat by one of the company’s lorry drivers.

What happened in the last episode of Keeping Up Appearances?

December 25, 1995

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