How To Make A Wedding Bouquet With Sola Flowers?

What kind of paint do you use on Sola flowers?

Sola Flower Tutorial The easiest and the one with the most color selection is craft acrylic paint that you can find from your favorite local craft store. My favorite way to mix the paint into the water is to use a trusty fork and start whisking.

Do sola wood flowers have stems?

Our Sola wood flowers come as loose, stemless flowers. Stemming them for projects and bouquets is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply add hot glue onto the back of your flower and gently insert a wire stem (gauge 18) or bamboo stick.

Do sola wood flowers last forever?

We’ve always said that sola flowers last forever. And they do! With proper care, you can keep these flowers looking brand new. And the even better news is that care instructions for sola flowers are super simple and easy to do!

What do sola wood flowers feel like?

The wood flowers I use to make wedding decor and bouquets are made from the root of a plant called aeschynomene aspera. But I don’t know of anyone that walks around calling it that. Instead, we call it sola. These flowers have a cork or foam feel to them, they are completely natural and weigh next to nothing.

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How are Sola Flowers made?

How are Sola Wood Flowers Made? Typically, the bark is taken off of the root to expose the center of the plant. This cream-colored, cork-like center is made into thin sheets, which are then softened and shaped by hand. Yes, each flower is handcrafted by a real artist!

What happened to eco flowers?

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some), Eco flower is no longer in business. After Meagan and another partner were forced out, JW Capital, the investment company which held 50% of the business, purchased the remaining half of Eco Flower. According to Crunchbase, JW Capital is lead by Ryan Westwood and Travis Johnson.

How long soak sola wood flowers?

Depending on the amount of water you added, it may take 12-24 hours before the sola flowers are completely dry.

How do you hand paint Sola flowers?

Holding the base of the flower and using a watercolor brush dipped in paint, simply touch the edge of each flower petal. The paint will feed color into the moistened petals. Continue painting each petal until the effect you desire is created. While a petal is still moist, additional color can be added.

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