How To Make A Kissing Ball Bouquet?

How many roses does it take to make a kissing ball?

You will need at least 35 flowers to cover a 4 inch ball, more if you are making a larger ball. Take the first flower and press the end of it into the styrofoam ball, creating a small hole in the ball. Place a dot of hot glue in the hole and then put the base of the flower in place.

How do you make a kiss ball without Styrofoam?

Begin by using hot glue to adhere one piece of the ribbon to the perimeter of the ball. Tie it the two ends together and make a bow with the extra ribbon at the top of the ornament. Glue the other piece of ribbon on the other side of the ball. Tie at the top and leave the ends free so that you can hang it.

What is a wedding kissing ball?

Kissing balls are wedding favorites for decorations and substitutes for brides’, flower girls’ and bridesmaids’ bouquets. Small florists’ foam balls are soaked, wrapped in open wire mesh, covered in moss, and studded with flowers all over so no glimpse of the base remains.

How do you make a hanging basket out of a sphere?

Assemble Sphere Place a piece of heavy cardboard over the soil of the basket that will form the top of the globe. Invert the basket, and place it over the base basket. Carefully slip out the cardboard and secure the baskets together, using zip ties to hold them in place. Trim away the extra lengths of the ties.

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Where do you hang a kissing ball?

5 Places to Hang a Kissing Balls

  1. In a Bay Window. Many homes feature beautiful bay windows facing the front of the house.
  2. Hanging on a Porch. Replace your traditional hanging baskets with fresh and modern kissing balls.
  3. Hanging from a Chandelier.
  4. In an Architectural Cut-Out.
  5. Above a Mantle.

How do you water a kissing ball?

The best way to water your Kissing Ball is to rinse it under a faucet or hose repeatedly until it is evenly moist, then let it drain in the sink or somewhere else that the draining water won’t damage furniture or floor.

How do I attach ribbon to a kissing ball?

Take your ribbon and wrap it around the ball, securing the ribbon with a spot of hot glue on the bottom of the ball. Pull the ribbon around to the top and tie it on in a secure knot. Take a second, longer piece of ribbon, the length you will want to hang your kissing ball.

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