FAQ: How To Make A Fruit Bouquet?

How do you keep a fruit bouquet fresh?

Fruit Freshness Make your edible fruit arrangements as close to delivery time as possible. Leave it in the refrigerator until the last moment. Once the arrangement has been delivered and mostly eaten, take the fruit out of the container and wrap pieces in plastic wrap and place them back in the refrigerator.

How do you cut a pineapple for a fruit bouquet?


  1. Slice pineapple into ½ inch slices and remove the peel.
  2. Take a knife and cut around the edges to make a flower, or, if you have one, use a flower cookie cutter.
  3. Repeat the first two steps to create the flowers for your fruit bouquet.

How do you make a fruit centerpiece?


  1. Cut pineapple into 3/8-in. slices. Using small flower or star-shaped cookie cutters, cut out shapes from pineapple and watermelon slices. Thread assorted fruits onto wooden skewers.
  2. Place melon on a serving tray or platter. Insert skewers into base. Garnish with lemon and mint if desired.

How long does a fruit bouquet last?

A basket gives us a good view of what we have as gift fruits enticing us to grab those fruits and eat them while they are still fresh. Temperature is another factor we have to consider. Keeping the fruits at room temperature allows them to remain fresh for 2 to 3 weeks.

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How do you make a fruit skewer bouquet?

Using cookie cutters and melon ballers, you’ll simply cut out various shapes from watermelons, cantaloupe, pineapples, and honeydew melons. Add the cut fruit to bamboo skewers, along with grapes and chocolate-covered strawberries, and then stick the skewers into a foam ball covered with lettuce. See how it’s done!

What chocolate is used for edible arrangements?

We use only 100% real gourmet chocolate in every product. For our dipped fruit arrangements, every piece of fruit is carefully hand-dipped in Artisia semisweet or white chocolate.

How do you make homemade edible arrangements?


  1. 1 medium size Cabbage (used as a base where you stick all the fruits)
  2. 1 bunch of Kale (used to cover open spots once the bouquet is done)
  3. 1 Cantaloupe.
  4. 1 large Pineapple.
  5. 1 lb Grapes.
  6. 1 box Strawberries.
  7. 2 Green Apples.
  8. 1 Orange.

How do I start my own edible arrangement business?

To buy a franchise with Edible Arrangements, you’ll need to have at least $80,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $150,000 – $250,000. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of $192,695 – $326,445. They also offer financing via 3rd party.

How do you cut a pineapple into a star?

Slice the watermelon and pineapple into rounds about 1 inch thick. Cut watermelon and the pineapple to about the same thickness. Use your cookie cutters to cut out various sized stars —this is one project where every single sized star will come in handy.

How do you make a fruit cascade centerpiece?

Place pineapple top on the top circle; position lemon, orange and grapefruit cups on other circles. Place pineapple bowl on platter. With greening pins, attach clusters of grapes onto circles. Randomly add strawberries, pineapple chunks and more grapes to cover the foil and platter.

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