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Making lemonade out of lemons by Nancy

by admin - June 17th, 2010.
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132It has been 18 years since Lynne and Les bought the house that is now the Flowers by Lynne shop. It had lots of different trees scattered throughout the property. What is good for a home doesn’t always work so well for a business. The horse chestnut was messy always dropping leaves and nuts, with our rain it was so slippery. The cottonwood was weak and brittle, huge branches would drop on the driveway and street. The beautiful birch trees were hit by cars backing up on a regular basis. The evergreen tree on the alley dripped sap on all our cars, ruining the paint. The PUD has lines in the evergreen, so it couldn’t be taken completely down. We had a tree stump 15 feet high. Oh, what to do? Oh, what to do? Les took recycled fence boards and painted them with different destinations. Some have no meaning at all to us, others have a special place in our hearts. Our customers love to read them. Some have told us they were born or raised near a town and have wonderful stories to share. It IS a small world.   Little Clay Center, Kansas our Sharon was born there, my Aunt and Uncle had a farm there. Who would have ever thought that our families most likely knew one another and now we are a part of the Flowers by Lynne family.   Stop in and take a look,  you may find a place that is special to you.

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